Sherab Chamma

Sa Le Ö (sah leh oh) Mantra


A is the mantra of the body of expanse, bön ku, the dharmakaya.

OM is the mantra of the body of perfection, dzok ku, the sambhogakaya.

HUNG is the mantra of the emanation body, trül ku, the nirmanakaya.


Guru Yoga Prayer (La Me Nal Jor)

Refuge Prayer (Kyab Dro)

Bodhicitta Prayer (Sem Kye)

Sidpe Gyalmo Protection and Healing Practice

Wednesday Practice - Short Version

Wednesday Practice - Long Version

Wednesday Night Practice booklets

Join us every Wednesday for this beautiful Bön Buddhist meditation practice. This weekly meditation practice is open to beginners, experienced practitioners and everyone in between. Our practice is based on the Bön Buddhist wisdom tradition that has been handed down from teachers to students for centuries. Join us and give yourself the gift of meditation with the support of a group.

Cost within the U.S.:

  • Short version (white cover): $10

  • Long version (blue cover): $15

Sherab Chamma booklet

Sherab Chamma bookletSherab means wisdom and Chamma means loving mother. Sherab Chamma’s practices have special significance for healing and protection from eight fears.

The essence of Sherab Chamma pervades the Bön tradition. She is considered to be the mother of all the Buddhas as well as the mother of all sentient beings. Her energy is the divine feminine.

Cost within the U.S.: $15

Precious Garland booklet

Precious Garland bookletBardo in Tibetan means “intermediate state” and describes any temporary state of existence – such as dreams, meditation, life, and death. Usually the term is used for the special phase between death and rebirth. The various states of the Bardo have different names and descriptions. At the same time, however, essential aspects in common include separation, transition, awareness, and a new beginning.

Cost within the U.S.: $15

Purpose of Buddhist Altar/Shrine booklet

Purpose of Buddhist Altar/Shrine booklet

  1. Honor the Buddha, and remind yourself of the enlightened qualities that you aim to develop.
  2. Remember your Buddhist practice.
  3. Focus your mind and cultivate wisdom to free yourself of negative thoughts and behaviors.
  4. Open your heart and cultivate generosity through making offerings.

Cost within the US: $15

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