Monthly Introduction to Meditation:

The Art of Controlling the Mind –
In the Tibetan tradition, there are two basic forms of meditation practice – the use of intelligence to investigate and analyze, and the use of resting and still focus to settle and stabilize the mind.

In our monthly Introduction to Meditation, be begin with resting meditation to still and stabilize the mind. The student will be introduced to different types of resting meditation, what to do during meditation and the benefits of developing a personal meditation practice.

Monthly Teachings

Monthly Teaching on the Masters of the Zhang Zhung:

The Essential Wisdom of the Dzogchen Masters of Zhang Zhung
Just as clouds arise and dissolve within the clear, open sky, so do all our thoughts and emotions arise within the clear, open nature of our mind and then dissolve back to their source. The teachings of Dzogchen enable us to discover and familiarize ourselves with this essential, primordially pure nature.

The Dzogchen masters of the ancient Asian empire of Zhang Zhung (located in what is now western Tibet) all achieved enlightenment and the rainbow body, the final result of Dzogchen practice. Their wisdom teachings, originally transmitted orally from single master to single student, describe the empty, luminous nature of mind. Students receive lineage instruction of these teachers and teachings in a meditative setting that supports them in opening their hearts to the natural state.

Our resident lama, Geshe Denma Gyaltsen shares his deep knowledge of the Lineage Masters of the Bön Buddhist tradition during the Wednesday evening practice, the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

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