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Resident Lama's



Our resident Lama, Geshe Denma Gyaltsen, offers the following services.

Before purchasing a service, please contact for more information and to make an appointment.

Special Prayers and Rituals

  • House Blessings and Office Blessings: To support continual & joyful success of new beginnings and to remove obstacles. Usually takes ½ hour plus travel time. $50
  • Divination: Helpful guidance for choices big and small. By relying upon the wisdom of an enlightened deity, Geshe Denma uses ancient techniques using mantra and mala to receive wisdom knowledge to guide decisions. Usually takes ½ hour. $25
  • Wealth Vase: Ancient tradition to protect wealth and resources and to remove obstacles to prosperity. The wealth vase is made during a two-day ritual and filled with precious items symbolic of prosperity and goodness that are empowered with mantras of Dzambala. Usually takes 2 days. $400
  • Life force Vase: This is similar to the wealth vase. This holds protection and blessings for a long and healthy life. Usually takes two days. $400
  • Soul Retrieval ceremony: Usually one half-day ceremony which is done after major events where one has lost energy, and feels that the life force has declined and needs restoration. May take full day. $150-$250
  • Bönpo Wedding: This ceremony supports harmony, loving kindness and prosperity for the couple. Usually takes ½ day. $250
  • Private Teachings & Guidance for Spiritual Practice: By mutually arranged appointment.

Death & Dying Support Services

  • Phowa: These prayers help release the consciousness of the deceased for a more beneficial transition and rebirth – by donation. Usually takes 1 ½ hours.
  • Precious Garland Recitation: This is a traditional prayer done that is performed three times a day for the first three days after death. Sangha may also join in the prayer. $150
  • Purification ritual of Jang Chog: This is traditionally performed in support of a deceased loved one for the 49 days between death and rebirth. This is a time of transition. Each week, the deceased encounters different kinds of challenges and suffering. This ritual is performed in order to alleviate their suffering, support the peacefulness of their mind, and to remind them of the Buddha’s guidance. Geshe Denma will either perform this once during the first week after death, or once a week for the full 49 days. $1,000
  • Tsa Tsa: with blessing Tsa Tsa are small clay images molded in the form of an enlightened image using some of the cremation ashes. This creates a sacred connection between the deceased and enlightened energy. They are traditionally placed in a meditation cave or on altar. Often done in the USA for pets that have passed. Done by or with Geshe Denma as you choose. $50
  • Funeral support: Guidance and planning for incorporating the Bönpo traditions and philosophy into funeral arrangements or cremations as needed. This is time dependent. $50