The Ngöndro consists of  the preliminary practices for Bön Buddhism and are the foundation for all other practices. They are necessary for the beginner and are also beneficial as a refresher for those who have studied them before.

We do Ngöndro to create in ourselves a calm clear pool, purified of obstacles and ready to receive teaching that forms a base for future understanding.  Our calm, clear mind becomes a reservoir for wisdom and compassion, strong and resilient, able to listen and learn, ready to discover the treasures of enlightenment under the surface, once clearing comes and the path to learning opens.

There are nine sections to the Ngöndro.  We have divided the nine practices into three sessions. We will teach three sections per month.

October 2016: Part One: The Three Practices for Taming Oneself

  • Opening your Heart with Guru Yoga
  • Confession (admitting your misdeeds)
  • The Great Mantra – Om Ma Tri Mu Lé Se Le Du (The Mantra of Sambhogakaya)

Saturday, October 15th    9:00 am –  5:00 pm    Teaching
Sunday, October 16th   10:00 am – 12:00 pm    Practice

November 2016: Part Two: The Three Practices for Purifying Oneself

  • Generating the Mind Intent on Enlightenment (Bodhichitta)
  • The Refuge Prayer
  • The Mandala Offering

Saturday, November 19th    10:00 am –  5:00 pm    Teaching
Sunday, November 20th   10:00 am – 12:00 pm    Practice

December 2016: Part The Three Practices for Perfecting Oneself

  • Purification with A Kar A Mé Du Tri Su Nak Po Zhi Zhi Mal Mal So Ha (The Mantra of the Nirmanakaya)
  • Purification  with A Om Hung A A Kar Sa Lé Ö A Yang Om Du (The Mantra of the Dharmakaya)
  • Purification with Prostrations

Saturday, December 17th      10:00 am –   5:00 pm    Teaching
Sunday, December. 18th  10:00 am – 12:00 pm    Practice
Cost:  $150 for all three weekends