An image of the Red GarudaMeditation on the Red Garuda

The third Monday of each month
7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

Mythologies throughout the world recount the story of the eagle-man, the one who transcends and rises above mundane existence to connect with the spacious, luminous sky. From the western Himalayas, across India, to the Mongolian plains, to the Indonesian archipelago, the Garuda represents this transcendent quality present in all humans, that which empowers and removes all obstacles to our spiritual development.

The Red Garuda is especially known as a healing practice for emotional and physical problems, both for ourselves and others, for the fiery strength of enlightened energy quickly burns away all obstacles. It also is known for its ability to resolve issues related to disturbances of the nagas, the beings of the waters.

This practice is limited to those with prior instruction. Please contact Jackie Cole for details.