Image of Geshe Denma GyaltsenDear Sangha Members and Friends of Ligmincha Texas,

I am so happy to finally be here and making my home in Houston with y’all.  So much has already happened since I arrived in January. We spent several months searching for a new home for our Center.  Many people helped and I am so thankful for all of their efforts.

Looking for our new Ligmincha Texas home, we looked at many sites in different parts of town, and several suitable locations were found, but ultimately we decided on our new space here in Bellaire. This location is very good for many reasons. It is close to where I live and I can ride my bike here every day. Parking is also very good and right in front of our door. There is space for a big sign right above our door, which will help call attention to our Center. The sign will be visible from the Bellaire Post Office and also several other businesses nearby. There will also be a sign on Bellaire Blvd., which will help people find us. We also now have our own air-conditioning system.

The Center itself is getting better and better every day. It was basically empty when we found it so we were able to design the space to our needs. We divided the space into three separate areas.  There is a very nice area in the front for the bookstore and my desk, and for people to come in and feel welcome.

The middle area is the Gompa (Meditation Room). The room is very quiet and supportive of meditation practice. There are chairs and floor cushions so you can sit in whichever is more comfortable for you. We have set up our altar and hung our Thankas on the walls. We have also hung a large picture of the Yungdrung Bön Lineage Tree, which includes all three lineages: sutra, tantra and dzogchen. I have set up all these sacred objects in the traditional manner. This is very supportive of connecting to your Inner Refuge and finding more peace within yourself to help strengthen your meditation practice.

The third area is past the Gompa (Meditation Room). It has a nice kitchen where we will be able to maintain the flowers for the altar and store food for our sangha and guests. There is to be a refrigerator and there will be space for some storage. There are also two restrooms, a small one, and a larger one that should be big enough for wheelchair access.

I have set up office hours: Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  In this way, I will be available to anyone who wants to come and see the center or schedule a visit with me.  All are welcome!  Any information I can provide you, I am here for you.

Your Ligmincha Texas Resident Teacher, (Lama)

Geshe Denma Gyaltsen